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Top Canadian Drug Rehab

How To Find Medical Addiction Treatment is a free online directory listing of alcohol and drug rehab programs and other addiction-related services located in Canada.

Canadian Detox Medical Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs Manitoba

Links to Other Manitoba Addictions Services by Type

Manitoba Medical Services for the Treatment of Addiction

Medical services in this directory treat the physical aspects alcohol and drug misuse or addiction. Programs can include primary care, withdrawal management (detox), addiction medicine, medical monitoring and harm reduction programs such as methadone maintenance.

Medical Services Listing by City


Brandon Methadone Maintenance Therapy

Methadone Intervention and Needle Exchange (MINE) Program
510 Frederick Street
Brandon, MB R7A 6Z4
Phone: (204) 944-6200


Winnipeg is the hub in Manitoba for medical services associated with addictions and substance abuse. These medical services include methadone maintenance, primary care, treatment services for AIDS/HIV & other communicable diseases, and addiction medicine services. Refer to the Winnipeg Medical Services section in section.

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