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Top Canadian Drug Rehab

How To Find Medical Addiction Treatment is a free online directory listing of alcohol and drug rehab programs and other addiction-related services located in Canada.

Canadian Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs Winnipeg Manitoba

General Regional Information
Emergency Services (including Crisis Lines)
Health Services (Including Mental Health)


Population (2006):
Total Regional Health Authority population:
Source: Manitoba Health , June 1 2006


The Winnipeg Health Region includes the City of Winnipeg as well as the Municipalities of East and West St. Paul, for a total area of 606 square kilometres. More than half the total population of Manitoba (57%) resides within the boundaries of Winnipeg. The WRHA also plays a Provincial role to the many Manitobans who live beyond these boundaries yet receive their health care support from the WRHA.

A map of the Winnipeg Manitoba Regional Health Authority shows Winnipeg in relation to the other RHAs.

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Police, Fire, and Ambulance                                                                     

Suicide & Crisis Lines

Manitoba Mental Health and Addictions has crisis lines for each Regional Health Authority.

Manitoba Farm and Rural Stress Line
Toll-free: (866)367-3276

Suicide Line  
Note: Crisis centre phone numbers for Brandon, Selkirk, and Winnipeg.

Kids Help Phone counsellors provide children and adolescents with immediate and caring support, information and, if necessary, referral to a local community or social service agency.
Toll-free: (800)668-6868

Klinic Crisis Line
Phone: (204) 786-8686
Toll-free: (888)322-3019
Note: a province-wide service

Klinic Suicide Prevention Line
Toll-free: (877)435-7170
Note: a province-wide service

Teen Touch Crisis Line
Phone: (204) 783-1116
Toll-free: (800)563-8336
Note: a province-wide service

Manitoba Problem Gambling Help Line
Toll-free: (800)306-6789
Note: provides help to people with gambling problems and their families. A Review of the Gambling Help-Line was conducted in 2001-02.

Refer to the Gambling Addiction Treatment section for a list of problem gambling services.

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Salvation Army Mobile Crisis Unit & Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (204)946-9420

Crisis Stabilization Unit - Sara Riel
Phone: (204)233-2756

Youth Emergency Crisis Stabilization System
Phone: (204)949-4777

Source: Centre for Suicide Prevention

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Manitoba Health, a department of the provincial government, oversees health services. The delivery of services, however, is the responsibility of the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) .

The Regional Health Authorities Act legislation came into force in 1997 and defines the duties and responsibilities of the RHAs and the Minister of Health.

Hospital News
has a listing of hospitals in Manitoba.

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The Winnipeg Manitoba Regional Health Authority
1800-155 Carlton St.
Winnipeg MB R3C 4Y1
Phone: (204)926-7000
Note: website provides additional information on health services in this region.

Winnipeg RHA has a list of hospitals
and mental health services.

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Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) is a crown agency that contributes to the health and well being of Manitobans by addressing the harms associated with the use of alcohol, and other drugs and with gambling. The AFM is responsible for providing intervention, rehabilitation, prevention, education and research to citizens of Manitoba.

AFM serves Manitoba through 23 provincial offices located across the province.

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The Winnipeg Health Region does not provide addiction services. For alcohol and drug information and referral, refer to Addictions Foundation of Manitoba in the Manitoba Alcohol & Drug Rehab Services section.

However, information on a special program on a Winnipeg Health Region-sponsored program is available for those with mental health and addictions, called the Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Initiative CODI.

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Type of Service

Each listing here provides alcohol and drug treatment services that are either medical, outpatient or residential:

Due to the lack of available detoxification services, you may have to travel outside of your municipality for assistance.

If you require residential alcohol and drug rehab, you may need to travel outside of your municipality to find a program that provides the right combination of length of stay, treatment philosophy, suitable peer group, staff training, etc. Wait lists are also common so looking outside of your region may help you locate a program with a shorter waitlist.

Since outpatient visits are typically provided on an ongoing basis for a few hours each week, try to find a service provider that is within a reasonable driving distance from your home community.

Source of Funding

Providers may be government-funded, government-subsidized or privately-funded (fee for service):

Government-funded programs typically have either the provincial ministry of health or local health authority somewhere in name of the organization. Also, the vast majority of hospitals in Canada are government-funded.

Government-subsidized providers receive major funding from the government in addition to donations and other revenue streams such as thrift stores (Salvation Army is an example). For the most part, government-subsidized programs are typically non-governmental organizations with an independent management team and board of directors.

Privately-funded providers include physicians in private practice even though under Canada's universal health care policy, the government is billed for services rendered to individual Canadians. Although some privately-funded drug and alcohol rehab services exist in Canada, the vast majority are either government-funded or government-subsidized. Please note that privately-funded providers listed in may be for-profit or not-for-profit. Since no distinction between for-profit and not-for-profit is made in, visitors to this website that require additional information should contact the service provider directly.

How to search in this section:

1. This section is listed alphabetically by municipality. Scroll down to the name of the municipality or use the quick links at the top of the page
2. to find a provider by name (company name or professional's last name) click the Control (Ctrl) key and, while holding it down, click the 'F' key
3. A "Find" window will pop up. In the space type in the name, avoiding use of first name or other words that could narrow down your search too far

Disclaimer: Inclusion or omission of an organization or agency in this database does not imply endorsement or non-endorsement by In no event shall be liable for any decision or action taken in reliance on information provided by this referral service. Any questions regarding an alcohol and drug rehab program listing should be directed to that organization. If you believe you need immediate assistance, please call 911 or your local crisis hotline

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