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Top Canadian Drug Rehab

How To Find Medical Addiction Treatment is a free online directory listing of alcohol and drug rehab programs and other addiction-related services located in Canada.

Canadian Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs Newfoundland

Links to Other Newfoundland Addiction Services by Type

Quick Glossary of Residential Treatment Terms

Faith-based - programs with religious component (typically Christian). Prayer, scripture reading, or church attendance to may be required. Note that Salvation Army programs do not typically require religious participation in order to access services.

Native Treatment - programs funded by the federal (NNADAP) or the provincial government for Canadians who are of First Nation or Metis descent. Most native residential treatment programs are, however, open to the general public.

Primary Treatment - intensive program with individual and group therapy and trained counsellors. Length of stay can be up to 90 days but is typically 28 to 42 days. Primary treatment usually follows medical detox and can be followed by support recovery. Another term for primary treatment is inpatient treatment (typically in a hospital setting).

Secular - non-religious

Support Recovery - for people who have completed primary treatment but require a greater level of support than what is available at home. In support recovery, the amount of time allocated to actual therapy, level of supervision, and qualifications of staff varies but is generally less than primary treatment. There is some counselling but minimal. Lengths of stay are typically longer than 90 days and can be up to a year or longer. Some support recovery programs allow (or expect) clients to work or attend school, while some do not.

Youth Treatment - typically for individuals 13 to 18 years of age but may accept clients up to the age of 25.

READ THIS FIRST! A referral from a government-funded outpatient clinic or a physician is required prior to admission to a government-funded residential treatment facility. Therefore, please refer to the Newfoundland outpatient section for a government outpatient clinic in your home community. Private residential treatment, however, does not typically require a referral prior to admission so contacting those programs directly is recommended

Newfoundland Residential Listings by City

Newfoundland - Adult Residential Services

Corner Brook - Adult Primary Treatment

Humberwood Treatment Centre
35 Boone's Road
Corner Brook, NL A2H 7E5
Phone: (709) 634-4506
Fax: (709) 634-0160
Website: Humberwood Treatment Centre
Note: provides three week inpatient treatment program for men and women age 19 years and older who are experiencing a substance use and/or gambling problem.

Shoal Brook - Adult Primary Treatment

Serenity on the Rock
1 Old Trout River Rd.
Shoal Brook, NL A0K 1K0
Phone: (709) 572-7625
Note: Private pay 12step co-ed program for adults 18+. 42 days.

Newfoundland - Native Residential Services

North West River - Native Adult Primary Treatment

Saputjivik Treatment Centre / Ikajuttauvik
P.O. Box 234
North West River, NL A0P 1M0
Phone: (709) 497-8514
Toll-Free: 1(888)497-8509
Note: a 5 week residential program with 12 residential programs for adults 18 and over and youth (with parental consent).

Newfoundland - Native Youth Residential Services

Sheshatshiu - Native Youth Primary Treatment

Charles J. Andrew Youth Treatment Centre
P.O. Box 109
Sheshatshiu, NL A0P 1M0
Phone: (709) 497-8995
Toll Free: 1(800) 497-8995
Fax: (709) 497-8993
Note: a 10 bed program for youth ages 11-17. Program is 14 weeks in duration and languages spoken include English and Innueimun

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