Jun 8

What is a “dry drunk”?

If you’ve at all researched anything addiction-related, you’ve probably seen the term “dry drunk” floating around in blogs, articles, forums, self-help books, and other literature. For those of you who don’t know the term, it is one frequently used in the addiction treatment and recovery field and refers to a person who is physically free of substances or alcohol (e.g. abstinent), but still exhibits behaviours connected with addiction and ways that support it. A sober person...
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May 6

Your Checklist When Looking for Addiction Treatment

Getting treatment for yourself or a loved one can be overwhelming. There are many options in Canada offering similar, but also very different, addiction services. The treatment you choose depends on a number of very important, personal factors. Here is some information useful for when you’re looking for residential treatment the first time or even the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time. These five factors are important to keep in mind when researching treatment options. These elements together will...
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May 1

Treatment Centers Supporting Methadone Maintenance

Alberta Private Facilities Aventa Addiction Treatment for Women, Calgary. 403.245.9050 Simon House Recovery Center, Calgary. 403.247.2050 Government Facilities Bryce House & Logan House, Ponoka. 403.328.0955 Henwood Treatment Center, Edmonton. 780.422.9069 Lander Treatment Center, Claresholm. 403.625.5200 Northern Addictions Center, Grand Prairie. 780.538.5210 Southern Alcare Manor, Lethbridge. 403.328.0955 Charitable Facilities Recovery Acres Society, Edmonton. 780.471.2969 or...
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Feb 11

Gender-Specific Treatment

Early Research Included Mostly Male Participants When research and studies on addiction began taking place, much of the research focused on male addiction. Men tended to have more substance dependency issues than women; a 5:1 ratio. That ratio then dropped down to 2.5:1. Addiction research on men, in the past, was often used to generalize female substance dependency problems. As a result, advocacy for female-specific treatment became prevalent in the 1990s and thereafter. Women & Men...
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Feb 10

How Do I Choose The Best Treatment Facility

How do I Choose the Best Treatment Facility? Some Canadian treatment centers take part in a rigorous process of surveying, feedback, and quality improvement in order to maintain an accredited healthcare status. Accreditations and licensing can get confusing when you’re looking for addiction treatment, so we will try to make it easier to understand through this blog. There is a full spectrum of treatment options in Canada. They range from large-scale residential facilities with multiple...
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