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Nov 16 | Posted By

Do Holiday Work Parties Overwhelm You?

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season. Holidays may mean different things to you and your friends – Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanza, New Years – but the one thing you’ll likely have in common is the office holiday party. It’s very common, almost traditional now, for employers and companies to have a year-end event…

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Oct 17 Posted By

Treating Clients in Addiction Treatment with...

It's a long held belief (and sometimes truth) that people who go to addiction treatment are treated poorly. In the wild west days of addiction treatment, client respect was almost unheard of. Today, this discrimination and mistreatment still exists, despite the extreme violation to people's ethical rights. The reasons for this lack of respect are somewhat unique to the field of addiction treatment and are based on some long-held beliefs such as: Clients are not Customers – Yes, clients pay to be in addiction treatment, but many drug rehabs are concerned that standard customer service procedures feed the addict’s boundless ego...

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Aug 31 Posted By

Why do Some People Maintain unhealthy...

It can be confusing and frustrating for family members and friends to watch their loved one return to hanging out with old friends (often people who are still actively using) after treatment and in recovery. We get many calls from people who are so perplexed by why someone who has started on a path to a more fulfilling, better life would return to passed friends who were part of so much previous suffering. But the reason people many return to old, maybe "dangerous", friendships is more simple than we think. As humans, we have an innate, natural human need for connection. Our connections with others are closely related to our own...

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