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Aug 31 | Posted By

Why do Some People Maintain unhealthy Relationships After Treatment?

It can be confusing and frustrating for family members and friends to watch their loved one return to hanging out with old friends (often people who are still actively using) after treatment and in recovery. We get many calls from people who are so perplexed by why someone who has started on a path to…

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Aug 08 Posted By

Warning Signs for Relapse

Many family members with a loved one in addiction are concerned about life after treatment or in recovery. Many ask, "What are the warning signs for relapse?" The most common signs of a loved one who is about to slip or relapse include: Withdrawing from recovery-related activities (e.g. meetings and support systems) No longer maintaining fitness routine Bargaining (i.e. Loved one says something like "Cocaine was a problem, but drinking wasn't, so I can drink") Getting easily upset Becoming bored and restless Not taking responsibility Lying Blaming others for own actions If you notice any of these signs in your...

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Aug 03 Posted By

What does “Addiction Transfer” mean?

Addiction transfer happens when a person transfers their original/initial compulsive behaviour to another behaviour. They get the original “problematic” behaviour under control, and then another one appears in a different area of life. This new behaviour starts to display similar issues such as compulsion, obsession, and an inability to stop performing it even though that person is experiencing consequences because of it. Addiction Transfers can appear quickly and almost unnoticeably. They can be very destructive, so it's important for people in recovery to be careful and cognizant of this sort of "natural" ability to be compulsive...

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