Jan 31

Bell Let’s Talk: How to be a Better Mental Health Ally

In 2010, Bell Media became a corporate leader in further the conversation around mental health when they launched the Bell Let’s Talk Day initiative. Every year on Bell Let's Talk Day, Bell donates 5 cents for every applicable text, call, tweet, social media video view, and use of a Facebook frame or Snapchat geofilter. This year it is today, January 31st. As part of this campaign, the Bell Let’s Talk website has many resources for those struggling with their mental health, and for...
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Jan 25

Current BC Government Strategies to Tackle Mental Health and Addiction

In compliment to the Provincial Snapshot series which outlines how to access province specific public treatment, we are also profiling each provincial government's strategies to tackle mental health and addiction. Outlined here are the promises the newly elected BC NDP government has made in regard to mental health and addiction that are intended to make recovery easier for British Columbians who are suffering from mental health and/or substance use issues. Improving Access Part of the...
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Jan 22

Grass Roots Efforts to Battle the Opioid Crisis

Two recent news stories show that there are many ways of battling the opioid crisis. Former BC Minister for Health, Terry Lake, has recently stated he believes that marijuana could play a part in harm reduction, and could help people come off opioids. The Roshni Clinic is a medical clinic in BC and a social services office in Alberta working to provide support to those in the South Asian community affected by drugs and alcohol. Marijuana an Option for Opioid Reduction? Terry Lake was the...
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Jan 17

Provincial Snapshot: Accessing Public Treatment in BC

As part of our new series, Provincial Snapshot, Canada Drug Rehab will investigate the steps involved in how to access public treatment going from province to province each month. In Canada, you must be seeking treatment in the same province or territory as your health card. Only in rare cases can someone be referred across provincial lines. Therefore, if you are living in British Columbia and wish to seek treatment but are originally from Alberta, you must decide to either go back to Alberta...
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Jan 15

New Year New Hobbies: Substance-Free Activities to Try

Winter is well and truly here in western Canada. Snow is blanketing the towns and the days are getting longer, but still short. If you find it harder to maintain sobriety during winter now that there are fewer things to occupy your time, you are not alone. With these long dark evenings, many folks start to get ‘cabin fever’ from being confined to the house for months on end. So for this blog, we've highlighted three new hobbies to try out this winter, and maybe a few of them will even...
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Jan 11

Drug Fact Sheet: Ecstasy

Welcome to the first of our monthly drug fact sheets! A lot of us know the names of common recreational and prescription drugs, but do you know where they originated from, how they are produced, or what their effects really are? Each month we will take a look at a new substance and cover a few facts you should probably know about them. To kick off the new year we will be starting with Ecstasy and “party drugs”. While any drug you take while partying could be called a party drug, party...
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