May 8

Health Canada Announces Warning Labels for Opioid Prescriptions

Health Canada announced plans last week to have all opioid prescriptions be accompanied by awareness stickers and leaflets to inform Canadians of the risks associated with opioids. Opioids are pain relievers that include oxycodone, morphine, fentanyl, and codeine among others. Many Canadians will be prescribed an opioid pain reliever for things like broken bones and surgeries. However, many will also be prescribed these drugs for ongoing chronic pain conditions, which is one of the ways people...
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May 2

Mental Health Week: Mental Illness Treatment Programs in Canada and Community Gardens

Community Garden Programs Help Those with Mental Illness Thrive Did you know there is a branch of therapy called ecotherapy? Ecotherapy is any kind of therapy that integrates activity in nature. Horticulture therapy is a growing part of ecotherapy as “the essential components of a community garden program (growing plants, spending time with others in a safe and supportive environment, being active outdoors and bringing home healthy produce harvested from the garden) can contribute to...
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