Jul 31

Health Boards Across Canada Call for Decriminalization: Ignored by Feds

We reported earlier this month that the Toronto Board of Health released a report by the city's medical officer, Dr. Eileen De Villa, that called for the decriminalization of all illegal recreational drugs. The Board urged Dr. De Villa to forward her report to the health boards in Canada's 10 largest cities, among other organizations. Now, Montreal's public health department has come out in support of Dr. De Villa's report and its recommendations. Mylène Drouin is the director of Montreal's...
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Jul 26

Sober Living vs. Primary Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment in Canada

Feeling good after leaving rehab but worried about re-entering the environment that fostered your addiction? Sober living throughout Canada can be a great option to help bridge the gap from primary treatment to home life. Primary treatment programs usually refer to inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation. These primary treatment programs are very structured and usually intensive. This means most of the day is scheduled so clients are going from small group sessions to recreational activities...
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Jul 24

Nova Scotia Mental Health and Addictions Plan

Nova Scotia announced plans to develop a mental health and addictions strategy in 2010. During 2011 the advisory committee met with more than 1200 Nova Scotians and reviewed best practices and other research to produce a Nova Scotia mental health and addictions action plan. The report Together We Can: The plan to improve mental health and addictions care for Nova Scotians was released in 2012 to serve as a guide for the next five years. This blog will look at this original report, as well as...
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Jul 18

Toronto Recommends Decriminalization

Toronto’s Board of Health is recommending decriminalization of all illegal recreational drugs following a new report by the city’s medical officer. Dr Eileen De Villa, Toronto’s medical officer of health, has taken the last year to work with her team on the best way to tackle Toronto’s growing opioid concerns. The opioid crisis is most prominent in the west of the country, with Vancouver being hardest hit, however, fentanyl and other analogues are now more common in the eastern...
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Jul 16

Nova Scotia Government Funded Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment Programs

For this Provincial Snapshot learn how to access Nova Scotia government-funded drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Like most of the other provinces we have covered so far, it is best to start with your primary care provider when looking for addiction treatment. Your family doctor can provide you with referrals to both public and private treatment programs. Find your closest outpatient Community Mental Health and Addictions Clinics here. Most of...
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Jul 13

Health Canada Urges Caution Despite Drug Testing

Every summer across Canada thousands of people attend music festivals, and many of them will consume recreational drugs while there. In an effort to curb overdose deaths, Health Canada has released warnings and advice for festival-goers this season. Drug testing has become more common, especially in BC as the province works to reduce its staggering amount of overdose deaths. Health Canada urges people to test their drugs prior to using them, but wants users to exercise caution as no test is...
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