Jul 10

Drug Fact Sheet: Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

This month’s Drug Fact Sheet is looking at cocaine and crack cocaine. Where did this drug originate and why is it still so prevalent? History Cocaine is derived from the coca plant, native to South America. Indigenous people of the area have chewed the leaf for centuries in daily life as well as a part of religious ceremonies. Cocaine was only isolated from the leaf in 1860 by a German chemist, but around the same time, other Europeans were beginning to experiment with its recreational...
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Jul 5

Drug Busts Throughout Okanagan Valley

While the opioid crisis has affected people across Canada, BC has been one of the hardest hit provinces. Many news stories focus on the problems in larger cities like Vancouver, but forget that other more rural centres are in the midst of the crisis too. The Okanagan Valley, a vacation hotspot in the Interior approximately 4 hours east of Vancouver, has long been known as part of the “Coke Highway” and is a conduit for drug running across the province. However, recent coordinated RCMP...
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Jul 2

Indigenous Addiction Treatment in Canada

Indigenous addiction treatment in Canada is an important component of boosting First Nations mental health and wellness. There are many drug rehabs and alcohol treatment programs in Canada, and some serve specific populations. For example, last month we wrote about LGBT specific drug and alcohol treatment in Canada.  This blog will explain why there is a need for indigenous specific treatment and how to access publicly funded First Nations drug and alcohol programs.   Indigenous...
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