Jun 28

All About Mental Health Awareness | Canada Drug Rehab

Mental health awareness month is observed every May in Canada. Around one in every seven people (roughly 18%) worldwide live with a mental illness or substance abuse disorder. Due to the lack of accurate representation of mental health issues, however, most people don’t understand them well.  Because of this, there is plenty of misinformation, misdiagnosis, and dismissal of mental health problems. Poor mental health awareness can lead to a host of other issues, such as substance...
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Jun 11

How To Talk To Someone With Addiction

It can be incredibly frustrating to try and talk to someone about their addictive behaviours and the impact it’s having on their life and relationships. Often you’ll be met with defensiveness, manipulation and deflections. The first thing you need to know in order to make headway is that substance use disorder (SUD) is not caused by a person’s circumstances. The progressive nature of SUD creates this illusion. Initially, the use seems like a reasonable response to a life...
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