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How to Access Drug Rehab, Alcohol Treatment, and Addiction Services in PEI (Prince Edward Island)

It can be overwhelming when you first start looking for drug rehab or alcohol treatment options. Especially if you live in a smaller province like PEI (Prince Edward Island) where there are limited services and resources. This blog will help you find the government-funded addiction services you need to begin your recovery in Prince Edward’s Island.

Addiction Services for Adults: Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment Programs in PEI

PEI Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Programs and CentresAddiction Services is the PEI government’s central hub for all things addiction related. You can access community programs and mental health and addiction healthcare professionals. It is also closely linked with Mental Health Services to help those with concurrent disorders get the best care. To start, you can call Addiction Services toll free here to find out your options, or call our specialist here if you are looking for both public and privately funded options.

PEI has an Opioid Replacement Therapy Program with clinics in Montague, Charlottetown, and Summerside. This is to help those coming off of opioids and it provides them with a prescription of Methadone or Suboxone as well as a treatment plan.

PEI has one publicly funded detox. It is called the Provincial Addictions Treatment Facility and is located in Charlottetown. It is best to call in advance to ensure there is space, but wait lists don’t last usually longer than a few days. If the staff there believe you will be able to withdraw at home rather than onsite they will provide you with outpatient treatment. Following withdrawal, there are outpatient programs to help you remain sober. If you feel you would prefer to stay in a residential facility to help you set up a successful recovery there are four provincial residences available: Talbot House for men, Lacey House for women, St Eleanor’s House for men, and Deacon House overnight shelter for men.

Addiction Services for Youth and Families: Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment Programs in PEI

There are services specifically for youth like the CAST Program and the Strength Program. Coping and Support Training (CAST) is administered in junior and senior high schools through youth addiction counselors who help young people struggling with substance use, mental health, or academic performance. The Strength Program is in the Youth Recovery Centre in Summerside and helps youth who require more intensive treatment.

Community Reinforcement Approach Family Training (CRAFT) is an evidence-based program for families hoping to get their loved ones into treatment. There are also multiple education and support groups offered to families of people with substance use issues.

There are Addiction Services locations in Charlottetown, Souris, Montague, Summerside, and Alberton. Contact our specialist if you require any assistance finding the appropriate drug rehab or alcohol treatment you require.

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    Please, I am looking in Ontario not PEI in the area if Ottawa, Port Hope, and Toronto or Guelph. Please provide information for these areas. Thank you!