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How to Stage an Alcohol Intervention in Vancouver

alcohol intervention in vancouver

Vancouver is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada and British Columbia, with more than 2.5 million people in Vancouver’s metropolitan area. With this many people, the need for alcohol intervention is in high demand. Therefore, there are a variety of options for individuals who are seeking help.

If treatment is needed, one of the most effective ways to get a loved one to consider a rehabilitation centre is to hold an intervention. However, depending on the needs of the individual, the level of help required may add another layer to the decision-making. Therefore, seeking help can often be a challenging task. Below are some of the most important things to know when it comes to staging an alcohol intervention in Vancouver.

What is an Alcohol Intervention?

Alcohol intervention often refers to a structured and organized attempt by family and/or friends of an individual with alcohol addiction to address the dysfunctional and destructive aspects of that individual’s behaviour. The intervention should focus on the positive. Although it is important for people struggling with alcohol addiction to understand that their condition affects the mental and emotional health of their loved ones, the point is not to blame them for causing harm. One outcome of this is often to convince the person to get into or find treatment options. Because many individuals with alcohol use disorders are not able to view their behaviours objectively, using an alcohol intervention allows the person to be exposed to others’ perspectives.

Common Signs of Alcohol Abuse/Addiction

signs of alcohol abuse

If substance abuse has caused problems within your friends or family that you don’t know how to solve, then you probably need professional help, starting with an intervention. You don’t have to look far. We have professional Interventionists right here in Vancouver, Langley, Surrey and Abbotsford all ready to help. Listed below are some examples of problems that may arise and result in an alcohol intervention in Vancouver. 

  • Problems at school or work (often due to absenteeism or lateness)
  • Engaging in risky behaviour when under the influence of alcohol (such as drinking and driving)
  • Legal issues as a result of drinking (DUI/DWI, assault, public intoxication)
  • Causing harm to yourself or others when under the influence
  • Family or friends are worried about your drinking habits
  • Memory loss as a result of experiencing blackouts or other withdrawal symptoms (anxiety, sweating, nausea)
  • Other activities have become not as important as drinking
  • Making excuses for drinking or attempting to conceal your drinking
  • Financial consequences as a result of your drinking

Preparing for Success (and Failure)

When it comes to alcohol intervention in Vancouver, different interventionists may use slightly different methods. Prior to the intervention, it is important that they coach family and friends on how to express themselves in a way that is conducive to the meeting. Sometimes, this can mean that not all family members should be present, such as children. When interventions are poorly planned or are not supervised by a professional, it can present the challenge of becoming venting opportunities for frustrated family members and friends.  This can become confrontational and feel like a personal attack on the individual who they are trying to help. When interventions are viewed as opportunities to vent and accuse the subject, their effectiveness is significantly decreased. If the intervention is successful, a treatment plan needs to be readily accessible after the meeting so the individual does not have a chance to change their mind. 

However, sometimes alcohol addiction interventions will work, and sometimes it won’t. If your alcohol intervention has failed, you must realize that you can’t force an alcoholic to change. They must be ready and willing to change themselves, that is essential. Instead, focus on taking care of your own mental health throughout this difficult process. Consider seeking counselling or joining a support group for loved ones of alcoholics. This can make the process easy for everyone involved. 

An intervention that ends in an alcoholic refusing treatment does not always indicate total failure. After a period where the individual can calm down and take a moment to think, an alcoholic may realize that their loved ones have their best interests at heart and seek treatment on their own. If they don’t, additional interventions may be needed.

3 Alcohol Intervention Strategies

alcohol intervention strategies

1. Stay calm

It is going to be an emotional experience, but it is important to talk everything through while remaining calm. Losing your temper during the intervention will do more harm than good. You are here because you love them and you want to support their recovery, even if it hurts to do initially.

2. Stick to the plan

Sometimes, an addict will try to change the topic and divert it away from the important issue. Therefore, make an effort to ensure the individual knows that you and the other people at the meeting are there to support them in recovery. 

3. Be patient

Having an Intervention doesn’t mean you have to get results the moment you do it. It can be difficult to convince the addict that they need help and it can require more than one intervention, which is often the case. However, dragging it out for weeks is not good either. Be ready to set ultimatums if boundaries are crossed, but remember that issues will not be solved instantly.

Getting Help for Alcohol Addiction in Vancouver

An intervention is often the last hope for the family or friends of a drug addict or alcoholic in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland. If you think alcohol is a problem for an individual in Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford or Vancouver, there are many options available to help them start their path to recovery. Do not hesitate to reach out for information if you’re unsure or would just like to learn more about interventions. When dealing with alcohol addiction in Vancouver, it is always best to seek out advice from a medical professional or approach a treatment facility. Let our team of Interventionists and Addiction Specialists in the Greater Vancouver area help find the right path of treatment for anyone who may be battling addiction. Call us today at 1-888-960-3209.

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