Mar 10

How to Stage an Alcohol Intervention in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada and British Columbia, with more than 2.5 million people in Vancouver’s metropolitan area. With this many people, the need for alcohol intervention is in high demand. Therefore, there are a variety of options for individuals who are seeking help. If treatment is needed, one of the most effective ways to get a loved one to consider a rehabilitation centre is to hold an intervention. However, depending on the needs of the...
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Oct 15

5 Search Tips for Recovery Houses in Surrey BC

Addiction, also known as substance use disorder, is a common illness that afflicts many individuals throughout Canada, and Surrey, BC, is no exception. The area has been adversely affected by drugs and alcohol for years, giving rise to many organizations that aim to provide effective treatment options through recovery houses. Recovery houses in Surrey BC provide hope to individuals with substance use disorder and show them that recovery is possible through support, care, and proper...
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Sep 10

Profile of a Drug Addict – Symptoms, Behaviours & Treatment Options

A drug addict can be anyone, from a close friend or family member to a respected member of your community. The number one cause of drug addiction in Canada, according to the government of Canada, is high rates of opioid prescribing and an increased supply of strong and harmful synthetic opioids permeating the illegal drug supply throughout the country, including drugs such as fentanyl and carfentanil.  But there are a variety of economic, social, and biological factors that play a...
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Aug 26

Private vs. Government Funded Treatment Centers in BC

Most people know that we have a growing addiction problem in British Columbia and across Canada. But less is known about the rate of addiction recovery. The truth is that around 75% of adults overcome their addiction. But it can take multiple attempts for them to fully recover – the average number is five but the median is just two. While accepting the need for treatment is a huge accomplishment, evaluating and choosing the right treatment center in BC is another huge...
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Jul 26

A Comprehensive Guide on Alcohol Rehab | Canada Drug Rehab

Drinking is a commonly accepted part of life. Unfortunately, that means alcohol is a substance prone to being abused. While the characteristics of a drug addict are clearly recognizable, the line between casual drinking and alcohol addiction is blurry. Alcoholism is defined as a strong urge to drink alcohol, to the point where the person has a problem controlling their drinking.  Most people know the vomiting and headaches that accompany a night of binge drinking. However,...
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Jun 28

All About Mental Health Awareness | Canada Drug Rehab

Mental health awareness month is observed every May in Canada. Around one in every seven people (roughly 18%) worldwide live with a mental illness or substance abuse disorder. Due to the lack of accurate representation of mental health issues, however, most people don’t understand them well.  Because of this, there is plenty of misinformation, misdiagnosis, and dismissal of mental health problems. Poor mental health awareness can lead to a host of other issues, such as substance...
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