Mar 27

Current Government Approach to Mental Health and Addiction Treatment in Saskatchewan

Every month we look at another province, and what their provincial government’s approach to mental health and addictions is. This month we are looking at Saskatchewan, but it is posing as a unique challenge. Saskatchewan released a 10-year mental health and addictions plan for the province in 2014. However, it is now in the process of dissolving its 12 health authorities into one singular health authority for the province. Will this have an impact on the province’s ability to deliver on its...
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Mar 12

Help Finding Public Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Saskatchewan

This month, learn how to access public drug and alcohol treatment in Saskatchewan in the next installment of  Provincial Snapshot. Each month, we are outlining the steps you must take to access public drug and alcohol treatment in each province. This blog will detail how to access different levels of addiction and mental health care. If you or someone you know requires urgent help, please call 911.   Early Access to Treatment The four main types of publicly available treatment in...
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Feb 26

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

February 26 to March 4 is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week in Canada. The National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) is a great resource for Canadians looking for treatment for themselves or for a loved one. It has easy to understand information that goes into more detail about what constitutes an eating disorder. Canada Drug Rehab has listings of private practice therapists as well as residential treatment facilities that focus on eating disorders. Today’s blog looks at what...
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Feb 20

Marijuana Legalization Talks in the News

Marijuana legalization was in the news this past week with two events in Ottawa moving things along. Thursday, February 15, Senate leaders agreed on a timeline to get federal marijuana legislation passed by the summer. On the same day also in Ottawa, the Senate legal affairs committee was hearing concerns from various criminal justice groups who will be impacted by legalization. Legal affairs committee The president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police told the committee that he...
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Jan 4

Healthy Goal Setting for the New Year: Avoiding the Shame Game

New Years can be a daunting time, and New Year’s resolutions have the potential to be both exciting and intimidating. Let’s go through some steps to improve one of the most common new year’s goals one so that it will inspire rather than depress you: 1. Make it Positive Rather than “I want to lose weight” try “I want to get healthy”. Being thin isn’t the pinnacle of success, and focusing too much on the external can diminish your internal self worth. Being healthy is a positive...
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