Jan 4

Healthy Goal Setting for the New Year: Avoiding the Shame Game

New Years can be a daunting time, and New Year’s resolutions have the potential to be both exciting and intimidating. Let’s go through some steps to improve one of the most common new year’s goals one so that it will inspire rather than depress you:

1. Make it Positive

Rather than “I want to lose weight” try “I want to get healthy”. Being thin isn’t the pinnacle of success, and focusing too much on the external can diminish your internal self worth. Being healthy is a positive goal both for your body and mind, whereas wanting to lose weight for looks frames your body in a negative light. Probably not a great foot to start your healthy journey on, right?

2. Make it Intentional

Rather than “I want to get healthy” try “I will be healthy”. Changing the tense sounds little, but can really make a difference in your mentality. Is this something you want to do? Or is this something you WILL do? Saying you will do it means you are prioritizing this achievement of this goal rather than just wishing it would happen.

3. Make it Specific

Rather than “I will be healthy” try “In order to achieve my goal of a healthier life, I will eat at least 2 servings of veggies a day”. This gives you something actionable to work on (i.e. SMART goals). What does healthy mean to you? Sitting down and thinking about what your goal means to you and how you will be able to work towards it is very important for your success.

Happy New Year! Drop your goals in the comments! If you need help with them, we can work on them there so others can learn as well.

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