Jul 16

Nova Scotia Government Funded Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment Programs

For this Provincial Snapshot learn how to access Nova Scotia government-funded drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Nova Scotia government funded drug rehabLike most of the other provinces we have covered so far, it is best to start with your primary care provider when looking for addiction treatment. Your family doctor can provide you with referrals to both public and private treatment programs. Find your closest outpatient Community Mental Health and Addictions Clinics here. Most of these clinics are located in hospitals or as part of a health unit. These clinics have a team of mental health and addictions professionals who provide outpatient services like assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, individual and group therapy, as well as support for families and community organizations.

Government Funded Inpatient Treatment

Nova Scotia only has approximately 2 government funded inpatient treatment programs.  Unfortunately, these government-funded drug rehabs are usually only 21 days, and this often includes the time it takes to detox. This is not considered nearly long enough to have an impactful change on clients. While there are a few community-based addiction services, the bulk of resources are located in or close to Halifax, creating a disparity in access to services.

It is commendable that Nova Scotia has created opioid replacement programs to help wean people off. However, there seems to be more funding going towards medication than counselling and other treatment options. Nova Scotia government-funded drug rehab and alcohol treatment is lacking, especially in regards to inpatient facilities. New facilities with the capabilities to treat people for longer periods of time would help reduce the current lengthy wait times and hopefully help clients be more successful upon leaving treatment. If you are struggling with a substance or process addiction and are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Nova Scotia, please contact our specialist for more help.



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