May 21

Provincial Snapshot: Mental Health and Addiction Treatment in Quebec

This month’s Provincial Snapshot will take an all encompassing look at accessing mental health, drug rehab, alcohol treatment, and addiction treatment in Quebec, and the policies underpinning these services. In months past we have split this into two blogs. However, we are unfortunately all Anglophones in the office so the resources available to us are limited and we are unable to go into depth about the government policies on mental health and addiction treatment in Quebec. Luckily, we will be linking to helpful provincial government websites that provide French language mental health and addiction treatment information.

mental health and addiction treatment in quebec

How to Access Mental Health and Addiction Treatment in Quebec

A good starting point to finding drug and alcohol treatment programs in Quebec, is right here on this website. Just browse the navigation for “Quebec.” There you will find the link to access public resources in Quebec for alcohol treatment, drug rehabilitation, other addiction and substance abuse resources, as well as helpline phone numbers. Select your health region here from the provincial government’s website to get resources that are close to you.

Once in your home region’s webpage you will see Ressources publiques and Ressources privées ou communautaires certifées. Similar to the other provinces covered so far, to get access to public services you must first be assessed and referred. Under Ressources publiques will be a listing for your closest mental health and addiction outpatient office. Some of these offices provide treatment right on site, and others will refer you on. Underneath that first important public resource will be Ressources privées ou communautaires certifées, a list of private and/or community resources. In Quebec the government certifies all healthcare providers so even though it may be a private clinic, you will know it has been verified by the government first. All kinds of services are listed here from public detox to private residential treatment. If you need more help navigating the options available to you, contact our specialist here.


Provincial Government Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Policies

In 2015 Quebec released their latest 5 year mental health action plan. The 2005-2010 Action Plan led to the development and implementation of the CSSS network, responsible for first line mental health services. The 2015-2020 Action Plan is designed to reinforce these changes while improving practices and service response times. The four main components of the current Action Plan are: respect the rights of people with mental health problems; tailor care and services to young people as they move from childhood to adulthood; improve care through clinical and management practice developments; continuous improvement of quality and delivery of mental health care.



JMC: 2018.04.26

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