Jun 11

How To Talk To Someone With Addiction

It can be incredibly frustrating to try and talk to someone about their addictive behaviours and the impact it’s having on their life and relationships. Often you’ll be met with defensiveness, manipulation and deflections. The first thing you need to know in order to make headway is that substance use disorder (SUD) is not caused by a person’s circumstances. The progressive nature of SUD creates this illusion. Initially, the use seems like a reasonable response to a life...
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May 26

Comprehensive Guide On Alcohol Intervention & Treatment Programs

At first glance, alcohol addiction may seem less fatal than addiction to drugs or tobacco.  Despite this, alcohol addiction is one of the leading contributors to poor health, negative lifestyle choices, and abuse. 95,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually, a statistic that doesn’t account for other emotional and physical damages in an alcohol addict’s life. Thankfully, alcoholism is a treatable issue.  Alcohol intervention is one of the key steps to...
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May 13

7 Signs Someone Is Addicted To Fentanyl in Alberta

Fentanyl addiction can be incredibly dangerous and even deadly. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to identify, especially if the person is actively trying to hide his or her addiction. Knowing the signs of fentanyl abuse and addiction can help you determine if your loved one is abusing this drug and enable you to help your loved one seek treatment in Red Deer, Calgary or Edmonton. Fentanyl is one of the most potent opioids available on the Alberta drug market. It is rarely...
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Apr 16

Woven Into The Fibre Of Your Being

As human beings, our first instinct when something is wrong is to look around our environment and see what’s causing it. We begin making environmental changes as a solution. A new partner, living situation, job, etc. Eventually, it dawns on us that the common denominator in our problems is us.  Oh my. What a potent moment of awareness. Initially painful, this awareness means we can no longer blame external circumstances, people, and institutions for our addictive...
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Apr 4

How Can Mental Health Stigma Lead to Drug Addiction? [Q & A]

There are many schools of thought when it comes to the topic of mental health. Growing awareness of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and even addiction has led to people taking a more serious view.  Slowly but surely, people are starting to consider these ailments with the same degree of seriousness as physical ailments. However, there are still many who undermine the pervasive nature of mental health problems in our society. Those that suffer from mental health...
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Mar 29

How to Choose Addiction Treatment Centers in Alberta

Recovering from substance addiction is tricky. There’s a sense of shame entrenched in society at large surrounding drug abuse, which only makes treatment more challenging. Substance abuse relapse rates stand at 40-60%. With such a high potential for falling short, it’s no surprise that attempts at self-treatment often lead to intense relapse.  Substance addiction is a disease that demands legitimate treatment, just like any other illness. Seeking out professional treatment is...
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