Aug 31

International Overdose Awareness Day – Drug Overdose Statistics in Canada

Since its inception in 2001, August 31st has been International Overdose Awareness Day (IOAD). It began in Melbourne, Australia and since then has been adopted by both government and non-government organizations to hold events to raise awareness and commemorate the loss of life. The climbing accidental opioid-related death toll in Canada has made many Canadians well aware of the danger of overdose. This blog will look at what an overdose is, as well as the current state of opioid-related...
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Aug 23

PEI Mental Health and Addictions Plan (Prince Edward Island)

The PEI mental health and addictions 10-year plan was developed only a few years ago and covers 2016 to 2026. The document, Moving Forward Together, Prince Edward Island’s Mental Health and Addictions Strategy has five main pillars: mental health promotion for people of all ages; access to the right service, treatment, and support; an innovative and collaborative workforce; invest early - focus on children, young people and families, foster recovery and well-being for people of all...
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Aug 16

How to Access Drug Rehab, Alcohol Treatment, and Addiction Services in PEI (Prince Edward...

It can be overwhelming when you first start looking for drug rehab or alcohol treatment options. Especially if you live in a smaller province like PEI (Prince Edward Island) where there are limited services and resources. This blog will help you find the government-funded addiction services you need to begin your recovery in Prince Edward's Island. Addiction Services for Adults: Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment Programs in PEI Addiction Services is the PEI government's central hub...
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Aug 14

Drug Fact Sheet: Crystal Meth

Methamphetamine, often referred to as meth, is a strong and toxic illegal drug. It is part of the stimulant category and its only use is as a recreational drug. It has no pharmaceutical purpose, although it is cousins to amphetamine which is used to treat conditions like ADD. It can be consumed by snorting as a white powder, injected when the powder is mixed with water, tablets that are swallowed, or by smoking “rocks” or crystals which is where the name crystal meth comes from. Short-Term...
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Aug 8

Addiction Recovery Group Meetings in Canada

There are many kinds of recovery group meetings for alcohol treatment and/or drug rehabilitation throughout Canada you can attend as you work through your recovery. If you are trying to decide which style of meeting will work for you best, this list will help compare the options. This blog will cover four kinds of meetings, some with a religious basis and some secular. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are very similar as they stem from the same 12 step methodology. SMART...
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Aug 2

WHO Recognizes Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder

Earlier this year the World Health Organization (WHO) officially designated addiction to video games as "gaming disorder". Now it has recognized compulsive sexual behaviour as a mental disorder. However, this announcement comes with some caveats. Sex addiction as a term has been used for years, and we have a specialized page on sex addiction treatment on our website. Many therapists say that they specialize in sex addiction as part of their addiction medicine. However, experts disagree over...
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