Jul 31

Health Boards Across Canada Call for Decriminalization: Ignored by Feds

We reported earlier this month that the Toronto Board of Health released a report by the city's medical officer, Dr. Eileen De Villa, that called for the decriminalization of all illegal recreational drugs. The Board urged Dr. De Villa to forward her report to the health boards in Canada's 10 largest cities, among other organizations. Now, Montreal's public health department has come out in support of Dr. De Villa's report and its recommendations. Mylène Drouin is the director of Montreal's...
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Jul 18

Toronto Recommends Decriminalization

Toronto’s Board of Health is recommending decriminalization of all illegal recreational drugs following a new report by the city’s medical officer. Dr Eileen De Villa, Toronto’s medical officer of health, has taken the last year to work with her team on the best way to tackle Toronto’s growing opioid concerns. The opioid crisis is most prominent in the west of the country, with Vancouver being hardest hit, however, fentanyl and other analogues are now more common in the eastern...
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Apr 23

Drugs: A Key Focus of the Liberal Convention

As we previously reported on, Halifax hosted the Liberal National Convention this past week. Party members voted on proposed resolutions that should become official party policy and guide future policy decisions. However, technically these resolutions are nonbinding, and because Justin Trudeau and party elite are not proponents of some of the resolutions, they may not be included in the 2019 platform. The outcome of the convention clearly shows a left-leaning, forward-thinking young Liberal...
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Apr 4

Vancouver Mayor Calls for Decriminalization to Combat Overdose Deaths

Mayor Robertson Concerned About Overdose Deaths Following the release of the number of overdose deaths across the country, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is calling for the decriminalization of personal drug use and possession. He has long looked at drug use as a health issue rather than a criminal justice issue. His recent announcement comes on the heels of learning that the opioid overdose crisis is killing an average of one person a day in his city. “This is not getting better and...
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Feb 6

Liberal Caucus Supports Decriminalization

The federal Liberal caucus has recently released 39 resolutions for consideration at the upcoming Liberal Convention in Halifax in April. Among the resolutions are two that relate specifically to mental health and addiction. First, the Liberal MPs are calling for the decriminalization of possession and consumption of all illicit substances in Canada. Second, that mental health services are included in the Canada Health Act and Medicare. Decriminalization of illicit substances The call for...
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