Sep 13

Drug Fact Sheet: Opioids and Opiates

With the ongoing opioid crisis being felt in Toronto, Vancouver, and most towns and cities across North America, many could use a refresher on what opioids are and why they affect the human body so strongly. In the past, opioid referred only to synthetic opiates, drugs that were chemically created to mimic opium. Opiates referred only to drugs derived from opium that is naturally occurring in the poppy plant. However, most medical professionals and the media now use "opioid" as the general...
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Aug 14

Drug Fact Sheet: Crystal Meth

Methamphetamine, often referred to as meth, is a strong and toxic illegal drug. It is part of the stimulant category and its only use is as a recreational drug. It has no pharmaceutical purpose, although it is cousins to amphetamine which is used to treat conditions like ADD. It can be consumed by snorting as a white powder, injected when the powder is mixed with water, tablets that are swallowed, or by smoking “rocks” or crystals which is where the name crystal meth comes from. Short-Term...
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Jun 28

Harm Reduction and Supervised Injection Sites in Canada

Harm reduction is a term that Canadians are hearing more and more as the opioid crisis deepens and public health officials look for ways to mitigate the fallout. Supervised injection sites are a key component to a lot of harm reduction policies, and both concepts need to be better understood. Some Canadians think that needle-exchange programs and supervised injection sites are the 'government giving addicts free drugs' and don't understand why this is the government's response. This blog will...
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