Jul 5

Drug Busts Throughout Okanagan Valley

While the opioid crisis has affected people across Canada, BC has been one of the hardest hit provinces. Many news stories focus on the problems in larger cities like Vancouver, but forget that other more rural centres are in the midst of the crisis too. The Okanagan Valley, a vacation hotspot in the Interior approximately 4 hours east of Vancouver, has long been known as part of the “Coke Highway” and is a conduit for drug running across the province. However, recent coordinated RCMP...
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Apr 23

Drugs: A Key Focus of the Liberal Convention

As we previously reported on, Halifax hosted the Liberal National Convention this past week. Party members voted on proposed resolutions that should become official party policy and guide future policy decisions. However, technically these resolutions are nonbinding, and because Justin Trudeau and party elite are not proponents of some of the resolutions, they may not be included in the 2019 platform. The outcome of the convention clearly shows a left-leaning, forward-thinking young Liberal...
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Jan 15

New Year New Hobbies: Substance-Free Activities to Try

Winter is well and truly here in western Canada. Snow is blanketing the towns and the days are getting longer, but still short. If you find it harder to maintain sobriety during winter now that there are fewer things to occupy your time, you are not alone. With these long dark evenings, many folks start to get ‘cabin fever’ from being confined to the house for months on end. So for this blog, we've highlighted three new hobbies to try out this winter, and maybe a few of them will even...
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Jan 11

Drug Fact Sheet: Ecstasy

Welcome to the first of our monthly drug fact sheets! A lot of us know the names of common recreational and prescription drugs, but do you know where they originated from, how they are produced, or what their effects really are? Each month we will take a look at a new substance and cover a few facts you should probably know about them. To kick off the new year we will be starting with Ecstasy and “party drugs”. While any drug you take while partying could be called a party drug, party...
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