Jun 28

Harm Reduction and Supervised Injection Sites in Canada

Harm reduction is a term that Canadians are hearing more and more as the opioid crisis deepens and public health officials look for ways to mitigate the fallout. Supervised injection sites are a key component to a lot of harm reduction policies, and both concepts need to be better understood. Some Canadians think that needle-exchange programs and supervised injection sites are the 'government giving addicts free drugs' and don't understand why this is the government's response. This blog will...
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Jun 25

Needle Exchange Program Delayed for Canadian Prisons

We reported in May that Correctional Services Canada (CSC) had announced plans to launch a trial needle exchange program in two Canadian prisons this month. Yesterday, CSC announced the planned program for a men’s federal prison and the federal women’s Kitchener institution has been delayed one week. The manager of epidemiology services for CSC said documents needed to be tweaked and redrafted before the program could effectively be rolled out. This program is part of a new harm reduction...
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May 17

Federal Prisons to Begin Needle-Exchange Program

Correctional Services Canada (CSC) announced this week they will be launching a needle-exchange program at two federal penitentiaries this June, with plans for a national roll-out beginning next year. This decision has both critics and proponents. Numerous harm reduction organizations have been calling for clean needles for prisoners for years, while the union representing correctional officers say it condones illicit drug use and endangers officers. Harm Reduction organizations like the...
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Mar 5

Safe Injection Sites a Possibility for Waterloo Area

Safe injection sites are being considered in the Waterloo region following a public health supervised injection site feasibility study. By looking at how many people use needle syringe programs, it is estimated that 4000 people in the Waterloo region use injection drugs with almost half using daily. Kitchener and south Cambridge are earmarked as the ideal locations for safe injection sites as they had more opioid overdoses than other areas in the region. Study Results Officials who conducted...
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