Jul 31

Health Boards Across Canada Call for Decriminalization: Ignored by Feds

We reported earlier this month that the Toronto Board of Health released a report by the city's medical officer, Dr. Eileen De Villa, that called for the decriminalization of all illegal recreational drugs. The Board urged Dr. De Villa to forward her report to the health boards in Canada's 10 largest cities, among other organizations. Now, Montreal's public health department has come out in support of Dr. De Villa's report and its recommendations. Mylène Drouin is the director of Montreal's...
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Jun 22

Bill C-45 Passes, Legal Cannabis Still Months Away

This week the Senate finally passed the bill to legalize and regulate marijuana, however it will not become law until October 17. This 17 week buffer period was originally only supposed to be 8-12 weeks, however some provinces asked for an extension. It is to give the provinces time to get systems in place to facilitate access to legal cannabis through storefronts and other methods. Canada is only the second country in the world to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes...
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Feb 20

Marijuana Legalization Talks in the News

Marijuana legalization was in the news this past week with two events in Ottawa moving things along. Thursday, February 15, Senate leaders agreed on a timeline to get federal marijuana legislation passed by the summer. On the same day also in Ottawa, the Senate legal affairs committee was hearing concerns from various criminal justice groups who will be impacted by legalization. Legal affairs committee The president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police told the committee that he...
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