Sep 19

Could Gene Therapy Erase Cocaine Addiction?

Researchers at the University of Chicago have released a study that outlines how a new gene therapy has the potential to squash cravings and protect against overdoses in regards to cocaine use. There is an enzyme found in blood plasma that breaks up cocaine into harmless byproducts. However, the enzyme is not potent enough in its naturally occurring form to help those who have cocaine problems. The researches rewrote DNA in mouse skin stem cells to create an enhanced enzyme that is 4,400 times...
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May 31

World No Tobacco Day: Top 3 Quit Smoking Apps

There are a multitude of apps out there to help you to quit smoking. May 31st is World No Tobacco Day and the perfect time to puff on some fresh spring air.   LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach 4.4 stars on the Apple App Store This app is a favourite on the app store. Create your own plan, work towards achievement badges, and take advantage of the online support community. Quit Pro While this app has less reviews to go by and costs 99c it might just be the motivator you need. It has Quit It,...
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May 10

Tobacco Facts: Drug Fact Sheet on Tobacco

Early History Tobacco is a plant native to the Americas, and it is believed to have been first used in society around 1 BC. Indigenous North Americans used tobacco for both religious and medicinal purposes. In the late 15th and early 16th centuries when Europeans went to the Americas, tobacco was used in trade and was taken back to Europe to grow. Tobacco became popular and by the 18th century, companies were being established in America to process tobacco into cigars and snuff. Early 19th...
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