Jun 4

LGBT Specific Drug Rehab, Alcohol, and Addiction Treatment Options in Canada

June is Pride Month in many parts of North America, in acknowledgement Canada Drug Rehab wants to make it easier for LGBT Canadians to find LGBT specific addiction treatment for drugs, alcohol, or other substance abuse issues. While we are all human, members of the LGBT community are under more external pressures due to a heteronormative society and can be more susceptible to drug and alcohol use. Here we will discuss why some in the addiction field believe it is important to have LGBT specific...
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Apr 26

Current Government Approach to Ontario’s Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Introduction In this month's Provincial Snapshot, we look at Ontario's mental health and addiction strategy and the subsequent updates and recommendations. Every month we look at another province, and what their provincial government’s approach to mental health and addiction treatment is. For April, we assess Open Minds, Healthy Minds, Ontario's Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Strategy released in 2011. The four guiding goals for this strategy were “improve mental health and...
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Apr 16

Help Finding Public Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ontario

This month, learn how to access public drug and alcohol treatment in Ontario in the next installment of  Provincial Snapshot. Each month, we are outlining the steps you must take to access public drug and alcohol treatment in each province. This blog will detail how to access different levels of addiction and mental health care. If you or someone you know requires urgent help, please call 911. Drug and Alcohol Helpline If you have substance use problems, Ontario is one of the best provinces...
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