Apr 18

Addiction to Remission: Recovery Terminology to Know about Drugs and Alcohol

When working on your substance use issues, you'll encounter some recovery terminology you may not know yet. A lot of the terms sound similar but have quite different meanings. Read on to learn more about what industry professionals mean when they use them, and how they apply to your journey. The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) is one of the resources used to compile this list of terminology. It is an authority in the world of addiction medicine, and also acknowledges that...
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Mar 15

How to Have a Fun, Dry St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is considered a drinking holiday in today's society, which can be hard to participate in when you do not drink. There are many responses these days to this idea of St Patrick’s Day being intrinsically tied to alcohol. Patriotic Irish groups and sober groups have made their own celebrations for anyone wanting to celebrate a dry day. The #1 rule for success is preparation! Plan ahead what you are doing for the day and who you will be with. Making sure you already have sober...
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Jan 15

New Year New Hobbies: Substance-Free Activities to Try

Winter is well and truly here in western Canada. Snow is blanketing the towns and the days are getting longer, but still short. If you find it harder to maintain sobriety during winter now that there are fewer things to occupy your time, you are not alone. With these long dark evenings, many folks start to get ‘cabin fever’ from being confined to the house for months on end. So for this blog, we've highlighted three new hobbies to try out this winter, and maybe a few of them will even...
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