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What are Medical Programs?

Programs that treat the physical aspects of alcohol and drug misuse such as withdrawal management (detox), addiction medicine, drug testing, and methadone maintenance. For more information see our Medical Section.

What are Outpatient Programs?

Programs offered once or twice a week for, typically, 1-3 hour sessions and are either government-funded (free) or private (ranging $50 to $200 / hour depending on therapist qualifications). Meals and accommodation are NOT provided. For more information see our Outpatient Section.

What are Residential Programs?

Residential programs, or inpatient treatment, provide counseling, meals and accommodation. Primary Treatment (usually 30 days) is intensive therapy followed by Support Recovery or Sober Living (usually 6 months or longer) where clients learn to transition back to society. Government-funded residential treatment programs usually have no cost or $50/day, but require a referral from a family doctor, medical detox, or government-funded outpatient clinic. Private treatment can range from $200 to $500 per day and does not require a referral. For more information, see our Residential Section.

What are Meetings?

Meetings – or peer support groups – are social gatherings that help people address their addictions and abuse issues (AA, NA, CA, LifeRing, and Smart Recovery®) or support family members of individuals struggling with alcohol or drugs (Al-Anon, Nar-Anon). These groups are not considered therapy. For more information, see our Meetings section.

What are Interventionists?

Trained professionals who assist families with family members who refuse to get help with an addiction. Fees are not covered by the government and can cost up to $5000 (plus travel expenses) depending on the interventionist. For more information, see our Find an Interventionist section.

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