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Psy.D. - Doctor of Psychology

Psychologist - A health professional who studies the mind and behaviour. Doctorate-level psychologists are fully trained in the assessment and treatment of all behavioural conditions. Psychologists are not to be confused with psychiatrists as the latter is licensed to prescribed medications. For more information on psychologists in Canada, refer to the Canadian Psychological Association website

Psychiatrist - Medical doctors (MD) who, after completing medical school, receive an additional five years of clinical training in mental health specialties. Psychiatrists in Canada need to be certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Psychiatrists are licensed to prescribe medication and require a referral from a family doctor

Primary Treatment - A form of residential treatment that is typically short-term in duration that can be up to 90 days in length but is typically 30 days. Compared to Sober Living (see below), Primary Treatment has intensive therapy, more structure, and more supervision of clients

Primary Care - A term used in Canada to denote access to a medical doctor for individuals who do not have a family doctor

Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy

Pastoral Counsellor - A professional trained in both psychology and theology and qualified to address psychological and spiritual issues. For more information, visit the Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education website

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