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Alberta Alcohol and Drug Interventionist Services

Andrew Bhatti C.C.A.C.

Andrew Bhatti C.C.A.C.
Calgary, AB
Phone: 1.604.309.1573
Toll-Free: 1.888.963.9116

Drug & Alcohol Intervention Specialist

Andrew Bhatti has been serving Alberta as a Substance Abuse Interventionist for over nine years. He is an avid public speaker focusing on alcoholism, addiction and how interventions can save lives. He is also an advocate for those who have suffered sexual abuse and trauma.

Andrew Bhatti provides intervention services in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Stony Plain, Grand Prairie, Leduc and across western Alberta. Andrew also offers treatment planning, sober coaching, addiction treatment, referrals and outpatient counselling in Alberta.

Before becoming an international Interventionist Andrew graduated from the Justice Institute of British Columbia with an addiction studies certificate, a nonviolent crisis intervention program. Andrew is a member of CACCF is a licensed CANADIAN CERTIFIED ADDICTION COUNSELLOR.

Andrew stands out as an exceptional interventionist for those who have suffered from childhood traumas as he is also one of the very few people in Canada to be a Certified Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Facilitator.

Andrew Bhatti offers surprise model interventions, family interventions, alcohol interventions, drug interventions, youth interventions and all types of addiction interventions.


Andrew specializes in the Johnson Model intervention of surprising the client.

The Johnson Model works around the idea that one needs to “raise the bottom” by getting those who are abusing substances to agree to go to treatment, or to be treated before they hit rock bottom on their own. Hitting one’s lowest point in terms of their substance abuse issues is often dangerous, and can be life-threatening or lead to death.

Interventionist Andrew Bhatti believes everyone deserves a chance at recovery. He has gone to great lengths to help families in Alberta.

Andrew has dealt with many mental health interventions and youth interventions where the clients need to get serious mental health treatment. There are often underlying illnesses and traumas when it comes to a client with drug or alcohol addiction that needs to be addressed concurrently.

Keeping this in mind Andrew has sent his intervention clients to treatment centres all across Canada, the USA, Mexico and as far as Thailand to get the right help for his clients. Andrew believes it’s not about the location of the treatment centre, it’s about what they can do to help each of his individual clients.

By “raising the bottom”, countless lives can be saved in Alberta. Precious time can be saved and consequently, put towards their new life in recovery and helping heal the family as well.

Andrew Bhatti’s interventions are based on care, concern, understanding and love. However, if the client is refusing help, Andrew will tell the client the true state of their reality in a no holds bar sort of way. It is important that the client grasps the seriousness of their addiction and how it is affecting their life. He works with the family to find out exactly how the addicted person’s behaviours are having negative consequences not only on themselves but for everyone around them. Andrew works with the family to the state to the client that their addiction will no longer be tolerated and serious consequences will be put in place if they don’t accept the help that’s being offered to them

Many of the best interventionists in Canada will attest that dealing with your underlying issues and healing the support system is as important as changing the behaviours of the struggling addict or alcoholic.

Andrew works closely with only licensed drug and alcohol treatment centres in Alberta. Andrew believes all his intervention clients should go to licensed addiction treatment centres only. With Andrew’s personal lived experience in addition and education. Andrew Bhatti is one of Canada’s top drug and alcohol interventionists.

Andrew has many of his clients in long-term recovery who have gained their lives back living in Alberta that have been clean and sober now from anywhere between one to nine years now. His interventions have a proven success rate. Andrew believes that learning to deal with your underlying issues is the key to long term Recovery.

In 2015 Andrew Bhatti was nominated for and won the Courage to Come Back Award in the addiction category. This award is presented by Coast Mental Health of British Columbia.

Andrew Bhatti has an office in Calgary, Alberta.

Andrew offers free consultations and zoom meetings on intervention services.

Contact Andrew today at 1-888-963-9116


British Columbia Alcohol and Drug Interventionist Services

Andy Bhatti – CACC

Andy Bhatti – CACC
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 1.604.309.1573
Toll-Free: 1.888.963.9116

Andy Bhatti CCAC, Interventionist, Sexual Abuse Prevention Facilitator

Andy Bhatti is a professional drug and alcohol Interventionist operating out of Vancouver, B.C.

Andy has a background in addiction counselling and working in high-risk foster care homes in Canada. Andy works closely with addiction treatment programs all over Canada, the USA, and Asia, to help clients find the right treatment centre for their needs. Andy also provides addiction counselling and intervention services in Calgary, Vancouver, Newfoundland, Alberta and several other locations across Canada, the USA, and Asia. He works closely with victims of childhood trauma as well as those living with addiction.

In 2015, Andy Bhatti won the “addiction category” for the Courage To Come Back Awards, presented by Coast Mental Health. His personal experience with living in addiction and recovery gives him the compassion, understanding, and ability to connect with people with addictions and their families.

Ontario Alcohol and Drug Interventionist Services

Catherine Macdonald – ICADC, RPS, CAI

MacDonald, Catherine – ICADC, RPS, CAI
On My Way Addiction Recovery
Intervention and Relapse Prevention
205 – 376 Churchill Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1Z 5C3
Phone: 1.613.868.9351


Catherine is a Certified Addictions Counsellor through Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF) a Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist through The Center for Applied Sciences (CENAPS) in the USA and a Certified Interventionist through ARISE Interventions (CAI) in the USA. Catherine has a wealth of knowledge and life experience that allow her to help a person transition from a life of suffering with addictions, to a life of sobriety.

She has experience as an addiction counsellor in a residential treatment centre, an Instructor at Algonquin College in the Trauma/Addictions Recovery Program and has vast experience working in an educational setting with teenagers.

In her own words

“Addictions can tear families apart”. In the past I had performed the Johnson Model of interventions. The Johnson Model did not suit my personality or beliefs. I wanted a new and gentler approach to an intervention that offered support for the whole family. I felt that there must be a better way to help someone suffering from addictions and their loved ones receive the help and support they so desperately need. The ARISE Method of Interventions offers this.  ARISE Interventions and Continuing Care is evidence based, best practice, invitational, non-confrontational and a transparent approach to an intervention. The ARISE method builds on the strengths and commitment of the family motivation to change, and provides a proven method for families to receive help and to get a loved one into treatment. This new approach and technique empowers the person suffering with an addiction to be part of, and begin his/her recovery, and the family to begin their healing.

I have researched, toured and utilized treatment centres across Canada and the United States. I am not affiliated with any particular treatment centre, therefore treatment and recovery planning is individualized to suit each person’s needs. I am located in Eastern Ontario and provide services across Canada. Change is neither comfortable nor easy, but well worth it. Let change begin today.”

Maureen Brine – RN, ICADC

Brine, Maureen – RN, ICADC
Successful Relationships
103 – 62 Charles St. E
Toronto, ON M4Y 1T1
Phone: 1.416.921.8688


Maureen is a well known and respected Canadian psychotherapist, Addictions Counsellor, Interventionist, Consultant, and Educator. She is also an Imago Relationship therapist who works with couples in recovery. She has been in successful private practices since 1985 in both Vancouver and Toronto. With over 35 years of experience in the addictions field, Maureen has vast knowledge and expertise. She is a former Director of the Donwood Institute Treatment Centre in Toronto.

In her own words

“I have always believed in the power of interventions as a method of interrupting the progressive, destructive effects of an addiction rather than waiting for the person to “hit bottom”. The sooner it is initiated the better. A Guided Intervent ion is a procedure used to save the life of someone who is unaware or in denial of an alcohol, drug or other process addictions. It can be equated to the use of C.P.R. to treat cardiac arrest – it is a gift of love from concerned people.”

Rosemary Munro ICADC

Munro, Rosemary – ICADC
Journey to a New Life Counselling
302 – 4211 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M2P 2A9
Phone: 1.416.729.3199


Rosemary is a certified CACCF addiction counsellor and offers specialized help for families with alcohol or drug problems. Rosemary is also a trained Intervention Specialist, coaching families on how to help someone who doesn’t want help. In addition to her private practice, Rosemary facilitates workshops to train other professionals in Intervention and offers an Intervention internship program.

In her own words

“There is a lingering myth in our society that until an alcoholic or addict reaches their bottom, nothing can be done to stop this self-destructive process. Today more people are becoming aware of the Intervention Process, which, simply put, is a way of presenting the reality of the addict’s addiction in a caring way so that it can be heard by the alcoholic/addict. Sometimes this happens when a friend or family member has the courage and insight to tell a loved one how their addiction is affecting them and those around him/her. The alcoholic experiences a moment of truth and seek help. Sometimes it requires the combined effort of several family members, friends, employer etc. to break through the defense system of the addict.

With the help of a trained Intervention Specialist, this team (of friends and family) can be educated about the nature of addictions. They learn about the enabling process and identify their part in the merry-go round of denial. Through specific training, they will learn how to present the reality of the addict´s behaviour and the harm it is causing in a non-judgmental, respectful and caring way. This process usually takes about ten to twelve hours; the actual intervention takes approximately half an hour. Treatment is pre-arranged so the addict leaves the intervention and goes directly to treatment.”

Sam Waldner – M.Ed.

Waldner, Sam – M.Ed.
Yorkdale Place
410 – 1 Yorkdale Rd.
Toronto, ON M6A 3A1


Sam has an M. Ed. in Counselling Psychology and was trained as an addiction counsellor at the Hazelden Foundation in Center City, Minnesota. He has counselled in both outpatient and residential settings and has been counselling and coaching people since 1984.

In his own words

“I believe that no matter how hopeless you feel or how terrible your current situation seems to be, there is a way out. The solution for many people begins with the awareness that they cannot solve their problems on their own. Individual and group services are offered to family members, friends and associates who seek to assist the addicted person in breaking the destructive cycle of dependency. By learning to work as a ‘united front’, they can effectively encourage the addicted person to seek help. I encourage you to reach out and ask for help.”

Quebec Alcohol and Drug Interventionist Services

Kyle Tardiff – CCDC

Tardiff, Kyle – CCDC
Intervention Plus
Trois-Rivieres, QC
Phone: 1.819.384.3708
E-Mail: Please send e-mail through website,

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