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British Columbia Alcohol and Drug Interventionist Services

Michael Walsh

Walsh, Michael – Interventionist CIP (Cand.)
1080 Meares Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 3K5
177 Kenneth Streeth, Duncan, BC V9L 1N5
Phone: 1.250.896.8494


I tailor interventions using primarily the Invitational approach and draw from other models depending on circumstance. I prefer to avoid surprise interventions (except for extreme emergencies) and typically meet with family members, friends, and/or employers for as long as needed beforehand, gathering as much information as possible while early in the process inviting the person using substances to a “family meeting” and gauging response. For the best client outcomes I keep intervention gatherings small, often just meeting with the individual and one or two concerned family members, a friend, and/or an employer.

My role is to work with the client and their support network to create a customized treatment plan and support them through each stage of recovery. This may include finding the most appropriate detox and in-patient treatment facility, transportation to and from treatment and building an aftercare support programs for both the client and family. I also have personal experience with problematic substance use and successfully recovery and has worked in a variety of substance use and addictions positions in private practice, public health and non-profit services.

Andy Bhatti – CACC

Andy Bhatti – CACC
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 1.604.309.1573
Toll-Free: 1.888.963.9116

Andy Bhatti CCAC, Interventionist, Sexual Abuse Prevention Facilitator

Andy Bhatti is a professional drug and alcohol Interventionist operating out of Vancouver, B.C.

Andy has a background in addiction counseling and working in high-risk foster care homes in Canada. Andy works closely with addiction treatment programs all over Canada, USA, and Asia, to help clients find the right treatment centre for their needs. Andy also provides addiction counseling and intervention services in Calgary, Vancouver, Newfoundland, Alberta and several other locations across Canada, USA, and Asia. He works closely with victims of childhood trauma as well those living with addiction.

In 2015, Andy Bhatti won the “addiction category” for the Courage To Come Back Awards, presented by Coast Mental Health. His personal experience with living in addiction and recovery gives him the compassion, understanding, and ability to connect with people with addictions and their families.

Trudy Annand

Annand, Trudy – RCC, MPC
Axis Intervention Services Ltd.
651 Victoria St.
Kamloops, BC V2C 2B3
Phone: 1.250.545.1898
Toll-free: 1.866.455.2947


Trudy is a Registered Professional Counsellor and a Master Practitioner in Counselling Psychology who offers individual and group counselling for addictions. Trudy is also a Certified Interventionist and a member of the Association of Intervention Specialists. Trudy has planned and participated in numerous interventions with alcoholics and drug addicts. She is able to travel to provide intervention services.

In her own words

“It is important that interventions are planned and facilitated with a certified intervention specialist. By the time an intervention is sought, most concerned persons have tried everything they possibly could to help the individual struggling with the addiction. Statistics show that it takes an average of seven years for a concerned person to seek help dealing with the addicted individual. Often the concerned person feels a high level of frustration and anger with the addicted individual because everything they have tried has not worked. Concerned persons may feel betrayed, confused, guilty and defensive and sometimes they blame each other, themselves and the addicted individual for their own difficulties. It is imperative that these feelings are worked through with the Interventionist in order to intervene on the addict in a safe and respectful manner. The Interventionist is the one person in the room who is not emotionally attached to the addicted individual, allowing an objective process to take place through monitored respect and love of the addicted individual.”

Sue Donaldson

Donaldson, Sue – RSW
Pegasus Interventions
550 – 2950 Douglas St.
Victoria, BC
Phone: 1.250.514.1083


Sue Donaldson is a trained and Board Registered Interventionist who has conducted many successful interventions. She is a full member of the Association of Intervention Specialists, a Registered Social Worker, and a Certified Executive Coach. She brings her 15 years of experience in Mental Health and Addictions and has worked with individuals, families, groups, and organizations in both residential and outpatient settings. Sue has extensive counselling, coaching, and facilitation training that she draws upon when working with individuals and groups to move them towards change and a positive outcome. She has offices located in Victoria, Vancouver, and Nanaimo and also travels to North American or international destinations to facilitate interventions.

Sue lives with her family in Victoria, British Columbia, daily celebrating and relishing the fruits of her own 21 years of sobriety.

In her own words

“With the support, guidance and facilitation of an intervention specialist, the family or workplace can play a critical role in supporting the addicted individual to get the help they need. Often people are quite desperate by the time they seek this type of support and the situation has often deteriorated significantly. Most people don’t really understand that addiction is a chronic, progressive – and often ultimately fatal – disease, and therefore don’t know how to confront the issue in a helpful way. They are often trapped in a cycle of despair, blame, anger and futile attempts to control or change the situation. Because circumstances vary widely, each intervention is individually structured based upon a thorough assessment of the family or organization and the situation. This customized approach best ensures an optimal, two-fold outcome: the addicted person agrees to accept treatment and the family or workplace is able to openly identify and address the problem – often for the first time – and learn how to support and participate in the recovery process.”

James Dunn, LLB and Janice Dunn

Dunn, James – LLB, MACAM and Dunn, Janice – RPN
685 Western Acres Rd.
Nanaimo, BC V9R 5W9


James and Janice are highly skilled intervention specialists with years of experience in the addictions field. James’ experience as a lawyer and mediator provide him with the necessary skills to take charge of difficult clients dealing with addiction problems. In addition to his legal degree, James has an MA in Conflict Analysis and Management. Janice’s expertise as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse includes mental health and addictions, psycho-geriatrics, sexual abuse and family violence, and eating disorders. Together, James and Janice have the expertise to handle many self destructive behaviours including:

  • Drug and/or alcohol problems
  • Disordered eating including bulimia, anorexia, and compulsive overeating
  • Computer addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Issues facing seniors
  • Mental health challenges

Janice and James recognize that each intervention is a unique experience for that family or business. They believe that what may work for one family or business may not work for another. Nothing is taken for granted and Janice and James ensure that everything is done to make the intervention a success.

James and Janice have offices in Nanaimo, Vancouver, and Victoria. They will travel anywhere in North America or internationally to facilitate an intervention.

Janice and James live in Nanaimo BC with their three young boys. They have a blended family and have grown through many challenges to enjoy a balanced life and a happy fulfilling marriage.

In their own words

“Our philosophy is that an intervention is the best thing you can do for the person you care about that needs your help. Our approach is to provide professional guidance and support throughout every aspect of the intervention, letting their clients know that they are being served by competent and caring professionals.

Kathleen Landry

Landry, Kathleen – MCS, RCC
Kathleen has two offices for your convenience:
2588 Badger Rd.

North Vancouver, BC
977 Mainland St.
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 1.604.762.5305 (Cell)


Kathleen has conducted hundreds of successful interventions, ranging from drug abuse, sexual inappropriateness, compulsive gambling, over work and many more destructive behaviours. Kathleen is a Bowen Family systems therapist that believes that that addiction is a family disease that needs a family solution. Her gentle intervention process is derived from her experience in family systems and the intervention approach outlined by Debra Jay’s book “No More Letting Go, The Spirituality Of Taking Action Against Alcoholism And Drug Addiction.”

In her Own Words

“At Kathleen Landry and Associates, an intervention is the loving process into a troubled person’s life to help motivate them to change and seek help. It is a process that begins long before the troubled person is even spoken to and continues long after the person seeks help. It involves the caring support of the troubled person’s closest friends, family and business associates. It is a process that brings the person’s “bottom up” rather than waiting for the person to “sink to the bottom”

Joey Marcelli – CCRC, CIADI, CIMI

Marcelli, Joey – CCRC, CIADI, CIMI
Global Interventions and Consulting
#202 1651 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5L 3Y3
Phone: 1.604.880.3036
Toll-Free: 1.855.857.6771


Joey is an Internationally Certified Level II Masters Interventionist and instructor and is a member in good standings with the National Association of Drug & Alcohol Interventionists. He is also a certified addictions specialist and has worked with all levels of addiction and behavioral issues. Joey holds certifications in Conflict Resolution / Anger Management and Satir Systemic Family therapy.

In His Own Words

“Working with families performing interventions has been a passion of mine for many years and I believe that recovery is a family process.”


Pike, Patricia M. – LAADC, CAAADC, ICADC, CIP, BRI-I
CanAm Intervention Services
Phone: 1.415.827.3725
Website: and

Patricia has over 24 years working in Addictions and Mental health. She is a Nationally Board Registered Interventionist who has conducted many successful Interventions both in Canada and in the U.S. with a 92% success rate.

Patricia is the CEO and founder of CanAm Intervention Services, facilitating traditional addiction surprise approach interventions, complex mental health interventions, and family systemic invitational interventions, as well as providing long-term family case management & aftercare services to meet the needs of her clients.

Patricia holds citizenship both in the United States and Canada, which allows her to work in both countries with a clear understanding of crossing borders and facilitating treatment referrals in both countries. Patricia is a big believer in collaborating with qualified professionals in the addiction and mental health field, providing the best professional care, and using best practice approaches both on complex intervention cases and in her private practice.


Patricia is a Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor (LAADAC), Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC II), long-standing member of the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation, an Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counsellor through the ICRC (I.C.A.D.C), and Board-Certified Intervention Professional (CIP/PCB) through the Pennsylvania Certification Board.

Patricia is a member of the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals. Patricia also holds an accredited Certification in Addiction Studies that holds an accredited Masters Licensed (LAADC) in Addiction Studies both in the U.S. and Canada.

In her own words

“Many families have made numerous, unsuccessful attempts to help their suffering loved ones. They may have tried various approaches to control or ‘fix’ the addicted or struggling individual or they may have sought help to relieve their suffering from resources such as friends, clergy, doctors, lawyers and other professionals. Despite these efforts, families often find little consolation and the addict, alcoholic, or mentally ill individual continue to struggle. Frustration, fear and anger build, disrupting the family unit until they reach the ‘jumping off point’ and seek professional help. Freedom from pain within a family unit is important for the addicted person’s healing.

Interventions can be the ground work to provide initial stages of healing and recovery for all involved. Admitting there’s a problem to others creates a unified bond within a family unit. The result is validation, hope, self-forgiveness and, ultimately, the strength to get help.

Addiction is a ‘family disease’ and until it has been arrested, nothing will change; it is just another day filled with the same problems and same cycle of pain, much like the addicted person.

Darrin J. Taylor, BA AISC

Taylor, Darrin J. – BA AISC
Axis Intervention Services Limited
8-3101 29th St.
Vernon, BC V1T 5A8
Toll-free: 1.866.455.2947
Toll-free: 1.866.455.2947


Darrin is the Lead Interventionist and Addictions Counsellor at Axis Intervention Services. He travels throughout North America to facilitate interventions on behalf of families and employers. Founded in 1999, Axis is first and foremost in the business of facilitating interventions. As a graduate of Queen’s University and a member of the Association of Intervention Specialists, Darrin brings a diverse professional background and a great deal of passion to his work. At Axis, Darrin also offers a variety of services to his clients including pre-assessments, family/individual counselling, treatment placement, patient transfer services, continuing care group therapy, recovery monitoring, and drug testing. Darrin draws on his personal experience addiction to convey a firm yet genuinely compassionate approach. Thoroughly preparing families and supporting them through the intervention and treatment process is a top priority at Axis. If required, Darrin works closely with treatment facilities acting as a liaison between them and families while the patient is in treatment.

In his own words

“At Axis, we believe that the intervention is a unique opportunity for the family and those closest to the addicted individual to begin healing long standing hurts and begin a path toward recovery. An intervention must be thoroughly planned and based in honesty, truth and openness not in shame, anger, or blame. Although each intervention is unique, the goal remains the same: speak to the heart of the addicted individual allowing them to make an informed decision to accept immediate help. Families will be supported and prepared to establish boundaries and/or consequences as a necessary part of the intervention process. We also specialize in interventions on high profile individuals requiring discreet treatment placement and private patient transfer services. At Axis, we have succeeded in getting individuals to accept treatment approximately 95% of the time since 1999.”

Cory Wint, MA (Cand.), ICADC

Wint, Cory – MA (Cand.), ICADC
Intervention Services Canada
202 – 1651 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver, B.C. V5L 3Y3
Toll-Free: 1-800-985-3418


Cory is the Executive Director of Intervention Services Canada. Cory has worked in a variety of disciplines within the Social Services and Human Development field. With a degree in Human and Social Development and as the holder of International Drug and Alcohol Certification (ICADC), Cory has clinical experience in dealing with complex problematic substance use and the ancillary issues that often accompany addiction. Cory is a certified Substance Abuse Professional as defined by the United States Department of Transportation.

In His Own Words

“Our Intervention process never fails, and we stand by those words. I launched ISC for two reasons: to ensure quality control over the Intervention process, and to control the overall cost to the family. Our mission is to have an Interventionist stationed in every Province. Right now, we have professionals available in B.C., Ontario, and Quebec. By hiring one of our Interventionists, you can trust that the process is methodical. We also carry insurance, which I feel is very important to give families peace of mind and this clearly differentiates our services from other independent Intervention consultants. By managing a team of Intervention Professionals across Canada, I believe we have the advantage. We are positioned to be more accessible to the family’s needs, timeline, and we have the ability through our own unique profile assessments to match families with the strengths, abilities and personalities of our Professionals.”

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