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Impaired Drivers Alcohol & Drug Programs


Mothers Against Drunk Driving offers support services to victims, heighten awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving, and to save lives and prevent injuries on our roads.
Toll-free: 1.800.665.6233


The Alberta Motor Association has three programs for impaired drivers. Please see their page on ALBERTA IMPAIRED DRIVERS PROGRAM (AIDP)
Box 8180 Station South
Edmonton AB T6H 5X9
Phone: 1.780.430.8811
Toll-free: 1.800.272.5698
Note: Program 1 – CROSSROADS 3.5 hour course for those with 2 immediate roadside sanctions (cost $110), Program 2 – PLANNING AHEAD 1 day course for first time impaired drivers, available in 18 towns (cost $250), Program 3 – IMPACT is a weekend live-in program with substance use assessment and pre-treatment course for those who have 2 or more convictions in less than 10 years, it is held in Calgary, Edmonton, St. Albert, and Grande Prairie (cost $800).

British Columbia

Stroh Health Care has the Responsible Driver Program for impaired driving.
PO Box 18006
1215 56th St.
Delta, BC V4L 2B0
Phone: 1.604.948.4912
Toll-Free: 1.800.948.4912
Fax: 1.604.948.4913


Bellwood Total Health Centre has a program for impaired drivers. Please call 1.800.387.6198 for more information.
The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has information on impaired driving and information on the interlock program.

Back on Track
33 Russell St.
Toronto, ON M5S 2S1
Phone: 1.416.595.6593
Toll-Free: 1.888.814.5831
Note: Back on track costs $578 for convicted impaired drivers. It can take 11months to complete the remedial program and all three components before licenses will be reinstated. Warn Range Rd.side Suspension course costs $178 and is for drivers with a blood alcohol level of 0.05ml/L – 0.08ml/L – The application package will determine if you need the one or two day course.


The Addiction Foundation of Manitoba has the Impaired Drivers Program. Anyone unsure of the need to access the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba Impaired Driver Program should contact Driver and Vehicle Licensing at 1.204.985.0980 (or Toll-Free 1.866.323.0543). If you are an impaired driver please contact AFM 1.855.662.6605 and as for the nearest impaired driver program.

New Brunswick

For information on impaired driving consequences please review thequestion and answers page from the Public Safety section of the Government of New Brunswick Website.


For information about impaired driving and the consequences in Newfoundland please go to the webpage on IMPAIRED DRIVING LAWS.

Nova Scotia

For information on impaired driving in Nova Scotia please review the questions and answers section from the Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal page.

Prince Edward Island

For information of the consequences of impaired driving in PEI please see the department of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Energy webpage on IMPAIRED DRIVING.


For information on laws, penalties, and costs of impaired driving in Quebec please see the page on Rd. Safety – Laws, Penalties, and Costs


The Saskatchewan Impaired Driver Treatment Program provides intervention for persons convicted of a second or subsequent drinking and driving offence. Clients will attend treatment at

Saskatchewan Impaired Driver Treatment Centre
PO Box 1600
61 North Industrial Dr.
Prince Albert, SK S6V 5T2
Phone: 1.306.922.8333
Fax: 1.306.922.8815
Note: Clients need to be referred to this program. It is 21 days for adults 18+ with 2 or more convictions in less than 10 years.

If a person has only one conviction and needs to seek treatment, the person will need to contact their location mental health and addiction office in their health region to see what (if any) treatment program they need to complete in order to get their license back.

Injection Drug Users (IDU) Alcohol and Drug Programs

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