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Law Enforcement Alcohol & Drug Programs

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Treatment and rehabilitation services for members of the RCMP are administered through the Health Services Program. This program provides RCMP members with access to assistance for substance abuse and other personal problems. RCMP and civilian treatment services are utilized, with a Health Services Officer servicing each province and territory, serving a case management role (i.e., assessment, referral and follow-up). For members of the RCMP requiring assistance contact your regional headquarters. Source: Health Canada.

Bellwood Health Centre has a program for law enforcement officers. It is not an exclusive stream strictly for law enforcement but rather the officer will he treated for their specific type of addiction – alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, etc.
Bellwood Health Services Inc.
1020 McNicoll Ave.
Toronto, ON M1W 2J6
Phone: 1.416.495.0926
Toll-Free: 1.800.387.6198
Fax: 1.416.495.7943

Homewood Health Centre has a specialized program for UNIFORMED PROFESSIONALS. This includes active or retired members of Canadian Forces, police (RCMP, City or Provincial Police), and front line corrections workers. It is a twice weekly group that meets with people of a similar occupation for treatment.
Homewood Health Centre
150 Delhi St.
Guelph, ON
Phone: 1.519.824.1010 ext.2433
Toll-Free: 1.866.839.2594
Fax: 1.519.767.3533

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