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Recovery Services

British Columbia

Walsh, Michael – Recovery Coach

1080 Meares Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3K5
177 Kenneth Street, Duncan, BC V9L 1N5
Phone: 1.250.896.8494

Note: My training as a Recovery Coach was completed through Crossroads Recovery Coach Training in the USA. Nobody can anticipate or address all of the potential issues that will arise in the early change process. With a plan in place, utilizing a strength-based non-therapeutic accountability partnership can be an effective tool. Recovery Coaching assists every step of the way including providing support in between sessions and helps accelerate people’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness on personal choices, actions, and responsibility related to their lifestyle change.

While I customize change-plans for each client, I tend to focus on three core areas: relapse prevention, creating a disciplined change-plan and looking at life beyond substance use, addiction, and recovery — making change worthwhile and meaningful. Michael has personal experience with problematic substance use and successful recovery and has worked in a variety of substance use and addictions positions in private practice, public health and non-profit services.

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