Oct 15

Rogue Ontario Pharmacists Dealing Opioids

An investigation conducted by Global, the Toronto Star, and the Ryerson Journalism department has uncovered hundreds of Ontario pharmacists dealing opioids and other drugs from their stores. The provincial government has monitors that oversee the prescribing and dispensing of opioids but no pharmacist has been caught drug dealing as a result of these monitors in the last five years. The investigation analyzed disciplinary records from the Ontario College of Pharmacists from 2013 to 2017. It...
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Sep 27

BC Sues Drug Companies Over Opioid Crisis

At the tail end of August, the BC Attorney General David Eby and Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Judy Darcy announced in a joint statement that the province of BC is launching a lawsuit against more than 40 drug companies in relation to the current opioid crisis. The province is alleging that the opioid manufacturers knew about the addictive traits of the drugs and downplayed the severity when marketing the drugs to doctors. Will this Solve the Opioid Crisis? Unlikely, and there are...
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Aug 31

International Overdose Awareness Day – Drug Overdose Statistics in Canada

Since its inception in 2001, August 31st has been International Overdose Awareness Day (IOAD). It began in Melbourne, Australia and since then has been adopted by both government and non-government organizations to hold events to raise awareness and commemorate the loss of life. The climbing accidental opioid-related death toll in Canada has made many Canadians well aware of the danger of overdose. This blog will look at what an overdose is, as well as the current state of opioid-related...
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Jul 18

Toronto Recommends Decriminalization

Toronto’s Board of Health is recommending decriminalization of all illegal recreational drugs following a new report by the city’s medical officer. Dr Eileen De Villa, Toronto’s medical officer of health, has taken the last year to work with her team on the best way to tackle Toronto’s growing opioid concerns. The opioid crisis is most prominent in the west of the country, with Vancouver being hardest hit, however, fentanyl and other analogues are now more common in the eastern...
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Jul 13

Health Canada Urges Caution Despite Drug Testing

Every summer across Canada thousands of people attend music festivals, and many of them will consume recreational drugs while there. In an effort to curb overdose deaths, Health Canada has released warnings and advice for festival-goers this season. Drug testing has become more common, especially in BC as the province works to reduce its staggering amount of overdose deaths. Health Canada urges people to test their drugs prior to using them, but wants users to exercise caution as no test is...
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Jul 5

Drug Busts Throughout Okanagan Valley

While the opioid crisis has affected people across Canada, BC has been one of the hardest hit provinces. Many news stories focus on the problems in larger cities like Vancouver, but forget that other more rural centres are in the midst of the crisis too. The Okanagan Valley, a vacation hotspot in the Interior approximately 4 hours east of Vancouver, has long been known as part of the “Coke Highway” and is a conduit for drug running across the province. However, recent coordinated RCMP...
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