Sep 19

Could Gene Therapy Erase Cocaine Addiction?

Researchers at the University of Chicago have released a study that outlines how a new gene therapy has the potential to squash cravings and protect against overdoses in regards to cocaine use. There is an enzyme found in blood plasma that breaks up cocaine into harmless byproducts. However, the enzyme is not potent enough in its naturally occurring form to help those who have cocaine problems. The researches rewrote DNA in mouse skin stem cells to create an enhanced enzyme that is 4,400 times...
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Sep 13

Drug Fact Sheet: Opioids and Opiates

With the ongoing opioid crisis being felt in Toronto, Vancouver, and most towns and cities across North America, many could use a refresher on what opioids are and why they affect the human body so strongly. In the past, opioid referred only to synthetic opiates, drugs that were chemically created to mimic opium. Opiates referred only to drugs derived from opium that is naturally occurring in the poppy plant. However, most medical professionals and the media now use "opioid" as the general...
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Aug 22

Pop-Up Overdose Prevention Site Snubs Ontario Government

Newly-elected Ontario Premier Doug Ford has been busy shaping the province since taking office in June of this year. One of his recent decrees has been to halt the establishment of any new supervised injection sites in Ontario. However, two Toronto activist groups have jointly opened an unsanctioned overdose prevention site in a west-end park in defiance. The Toronto Harm Reduction Alliance and the Toronto Overdose Prevention Society have partnered to offer overdose prevention services in...
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May 8

Health Canada Announces Warning Labels for Opioid Prescriptions

Health Canada announced plans last week to have all opioid prescriptions be accompanied by awareness stickers and leaflets to inform Canadians of the risks associated with opioids. Opioids are pain relievers that include oxycodone, morphine, fentanyl, and codeine among others. Many Canadians will be prescribed an opioid pain reliever for things like broken bones and surgeries. However, many will also be prescribed these drugs for ongoing chronic pain conditions, which is one of the ways people...
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Apr 4

Vancouver Mayor Calls for Decriminalization to Combat Overdose Deaths

Mayor Robertson Concerned About Overdose Deaths Following the release of the number of overdose deaths across the country, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is calling for the decriminalization of personal drug use and possession. He has long looked at drug use as a health issue rather than a criminal justice issue. His recent announcement comes on the heels of learning that the opioid overdose crisis is killing an average of one person a day in his city. “This is not getting better and...
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